Don says, “also inexplicable crying” in response to a statement about fighting with a girlfriend. I look at my watch because I’m tired of sticking around but then my mind wanders to her. Fuck.

I know it’s unrelated but when I hear it, I begin to wonder if I hurt her somehow. And I wonder what I would’ve done if I’d known about it. And I wonder if she would’ve said something. I wonder what she would’ve said. I wonder how I would’ve responded. I know empathy runs deep when I see faces, I can’t help it. I wonder how I’d have felt if I could’ve just seen her one more time. And then I remember that I’m tired of my heart breaking so I stop wondering.

So the cops just showed up at Corvette night at Superdawg!! Two ladies found out their husbands were cheating on them with the other and tried to key each other’s husband’s cars. Unfortunately, they both got the wrong Corvette which caused two other dudes to get mad at the wives. The two cheating husbands jumped in to defend their wives which in turn, started a four man brawl. The wives were still pissed, so as much as they appreciated their husbands defending them, they still attempted to get a few slaps in before the skirmish ended. Sometimes they missed. Corvette night at Superdawg is always the best!

The Tin Man escapes Oz by finding a map that reveals a hidden wormhole. He meets up with NASA and is secretly placed aboard Apollo 13. The mission was a success. During their time on the dark side of the moon, he was affixed with a booster suit, jettisoned from the craft, and landed safely on the moon. He meets up with an AutoBot for a secret rendezvous. While their actual mission remains a secret, the two end up falling in love. They gain possession of the AllSpark by asking to borrow it. They make love on the AllSpark and the transformer births a little creature who becomes the superhero you all know was Tin Boy.

THIS… is the true beginning of the adventure known as The Adventures of Tin Boy.

Now it is not a secret.

Goddammit, that fucking glimmer. That little thing that says life is good. There’s hope. Things will always end up looking up. Just gotta… hang… on… to… it…

Are you sure it wasn’t remembering a time in the past that was bad and got better? That’s what I do all the time.

Fuck. It might’ve been. Is that nostalgia?

Based in fear.

What is?



Fearful hope, I guess. Shit, I don’t mean to drag you down, but…

No. Wait. I think that’s wrong.

How’s that? What?

No, hope is remembering.

You think?

Maybe. Hope is remembering. A collection of positive past experiences projected forward. This feeling will happen. Again. Hope.

You think?

I have no fucking idea. What are you eating?

Can I ask you what you saw in me?

I don’t think I ever loved you.

I know, but there was one moment where you thought there was something, even if you were only mistaken. I just want to know what you mistook me for.


Because I can’t see anything. And I’m desperate to see something.

No one can show you that.

You saw something. You wouldn’t have done what you did if you didn’t see something. I just want to know what you saw. Even if you’re lying, why can’t I have your definition of me?

Lotti taps Randy on the shoulder and he turns and asks “WHAT?!”

She says, “don’t make this about you.”

Randy rolls his eyes and Lotti taps him on the shoulder again.

"WHAT?!" Randy asks again, a slight politeness creeping into his voice.

"People think you’re grumpy." Lotti says, tapping his shoulder again.

"Remind me to be what you interpret me to be next time you-"

Lotti taps him on the shoulder again.

Randy turns and says, “I’m guessing you’ve got a point.”

"Only one."

"And what is that?"

Lotti taps him on the shoulder again.

The End

So Brandon thinks Rachel is hot. But Dave has known her since 5th grade and really cares about her a lot. I mean, he doesn’t love her, but he likes her a ton. Like a friend, you know? Anyway, Dave doesn’t trust Brandon’s intentions even though he has known Brandon, like, forever. But then one day, after trying to flirt with Rachel forever; RachelForever is not a